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Why is CoQ10 good for your Heart Health?

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Why is CoQ10 good for your Heart Health?

Older Adults often complain about the difficulties of breathing, fatigues, swelling of hands and feet, which unfortunately often are the signs of congestive heart failure. 

Scientific studies nowadays are revealing the benefits of mitochondrial energizer Coenzyme Q10 commonly known as CoQ10 or often called the "miracle nutrient", that can alleviate many of the symptoms and physical challenges attributed to congestive heart failures. CoQ10 sparks energy production in every cell within your body which includes the heart.

Does your Doctor know how to naturally improve heart health?

As it is commonly known that your heart tissue uses more energy in your body than any other tissue, also has the highest concentration of CoQ10 to keep it operating efficiently. This coenzyme which was discovered back in 1957 plays a critical role in supporting a healthy heart while at the same time defending and protecting it against diseases such as heart attacks. The CoQ10 is a simple molecule that acts as a cofactor between three other large enzyme systems that are responsible for 90 percent of the energy produced within the heart. Therefore the heart is extremely sensitive to CoQ10 deficiency


Some of the key benefits of CoQ10 are:

  • Regenerates Vitamin E
  • Protects against stress from Exercise
  • Protects the body from high trans fat diets
  • Statin drugs used to treat high cholesterol may deplete CoQ10
  • CoQ10 levels decline with age 


CoQ10 (Ubiquinone) Typical Daily Dosages   

  • 30-100 mg – General health
  • 60-160 mg – Heavy exercisers
  • 100-200 mg – Family history of issues
  • 200-400 mg – If taking statin drugs

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Which form of CoQ10 should I use - Ubiquinone (regular) or Ubiquinol (active, reduced form)

The two forms available are Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol, or everyday healthy heart functioning. The former is the more economical of the two as it is then converted within the body to the latter; while for those with heart issues it is probably better to consume the latter (Ubiquinol) which is more commonly more expensive. CoQ10 products do not commonly advertise what form of Ubiquinone / Ubiquinol is present within the product but it if it is Ubiquinol it is more commonly advertised on the label.


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