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12 Benefits of Turmeric & A Turmeric Latte Recipe

Ever heard about Turmeric curcumin, if not take your time to read on this wonder from nature and its benefits to the human body. Also included is a recipe for a latte which can be consumed on a daily basis to help better your health.

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Cacao (Theobroma Cocao) have over the centuries been looked upon and consumed only for pure pleasure without realising the health benefits it brought about.  This food of gods (Theobroma) flourished in the wild Amazonian jungles, until cultivation of this divine food  was undertaken by man. The cacao bean comes from the cacao tree which is harvested by hand , dried and fermented or milled depending on the product being produced. The processing temperature is kept low so as keep the integrity of the nutrients intact. There is this confusion that prevails regarding the difference between cacao and chocolate. Chocolate as...

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Ever heard of Goji berries , Acai, chia seeds, moringa, matcha ,quinoa, spirulina or sweet lupines'? If you have not it would be time to pay attention to these if you are that person that cares about a balanced nutrition. These berries, seeds or algae are said to contain ingredients that help repair damage to health or have anti-cancer effects.  Nowadays these are broadly classified as Superfoods. Characteristics of a Superfood I am sure you have heard of them from a friend, colleagues or even the companies promoting them. A superfood comes with an impressive set of skills when compared...

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