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Active Manuka Honey UMF 15+

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Active Manuka Honey UMF 15+ 

Produced from manuka trees growing wild in the beautiful and unspoiled East Cape honey region of New Zealand. Certified Origin East Cape - not blended with other honeys. This is a new, larger container, imported specially for customers that purchase this honey on a regular basis. 

A large jar of new zealand manuka honey from the beautiful, wild, unspoiled East Cape manuka honey. A rare honey with intense flavor and excellent properties.

About the Product

  • NATURE MEETS SCIENCE: Expertly crafted Manuka Honey offers natural support for wellness with a taste of goodness.
  • NEW ZEALAND BORN: Our master beekeepers and bees are key to preserving the quality and natural properties of our Manuka honey.
  • MEASURING THE MAGIC: We judge Manuka honey based on the quantity of methylglyoxal, the "magic Manuka ingredient", for a precise measurement of potency and quality.
  • BEFORE REACHING YOUR DOORSTEP: Our honey undergoes independent quality testing in an accredited laboratory to ensure quality, purity, and safety.
  • MANUKA WAY OF LIFE: Our mission is to share the healing power of New Zealand nature to reconnect you with natural wellness.

This honey carries the following certifications

  • New Zealand Unique Manuka Factor Association (Licensee #1024)
  • New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries Export Certificate #NZL2015/1277 (certifies that this is pure Manuka Honey produced at facilities inspected and approved for food production in New Zealand)
  • Hill Laboratories, New Zealand, grade test
  • Krueger Food Laboratories, USA, isotope ratio test for honey purity

The UMF®grading system appraises markers found in manuka honey, and assures product purity and quality.