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Maqui Berry Powder Certified Organic

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Certified Organic Maqui Berry Powder At Natural Zealand

What is a maqui berry?

Maqui Berry Powder is a high quality, raw and certified organic superfood. Natava SuperFoods take great pride in sourcing the most pure ingredients to ensure that you receive the maximum health benefits for a healthy body from their products.

Macqui berry is a small purple berry native to the pristine rainforests of Chile and is known locally as the Chilean Wineberry. It was a staple food in this area for thousands of years and it symbolised goodwill to the Mapuche Indians.

Maqui berry is a fantastic berry bursting with antioxidants and benefits healthy living, making it a fantastic addition to your daily diet.

Health Benefits of Maqui Berry Powder:

  • They are one of the richest sources of antioxidants and are particularly high in the antioxidant Anthocyanin - which gives it the rich purple colour. Antioxidants assist with the repair of free radical damage. This helps the anti aging effects and prevents the damage from UV, toxins and pollution, while regenerating and strengthening our bodies.
  • They contain an abundance of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Iron and Potassium.
  • They may support the cardiovascular system and may also help to lower cholesterol through their high vitamin C content and antioxidant action in the blood vessels.
  • They may help support the immune system through both their antioxidant content and through the nutrients they contain, such as vitamin C. These nutrients support the cells of the immune system, giving them that added boost to ward off any unwanted bacteria in the body.
  • They have antimicrobial properties. It has long been used by the indigenous communities of Chile to dress wounds. This is because it is astringent and also antimicrobial.
  • They assist detoxification through neutralising harmful free radicals and toxins so that they can be safely eliminated from the body.


Maqui Berry Powder has numerous benefits, making it a fantastic addition to your diet. One of the easiest ways to introduce these berries into your food quickly is to add it to a smoothie with other superfoods, such as coconut oil, lucuma and goji berries.

Maqui Berry Powder has a sweet, tart and fruity flavour, making it extremely versatile and easy to add to your diet so that you can easily benefit from all the nutrients it provides.

Some of the ways to use Maqui Berry Powder is adding it to smoothies, porridge and muesli. It can also be added to juices, baking or raw desserts, or used to colour kids food, making food fun, while at the same time adding nutrition.


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