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Magnesium Complex Plus 60/150 At Natural Zealand

Radiance Magnesium Complex Plus is designed to help build magnesium levels in those whose diet may be deficient or those with signs of deficiency.

Radiance Magnesium Complex Plus is bolstered with taurine, an amino acid which enhances magnesium absorption, utilisation and retention.  Taurine also has its own benefits for supporting muscle, heart and neurological function.

Magnesium is a mineral vital for the proper function of almost all tissues in the body. Muscles, including the heart, require a rich supply of magnesium to maintain normal healthy function. Signs of nutritional magnesium deficiency may include muscle weakness, muscle cramps, twitches and tremors, muscular tension and pain, nausea, anorexia, co-ordination difficulties and confusion, gastrointestinal disorders, dysmenorrhoea, irregular heart rhythm and coronary spasm, restlessness and poor sleep, irritability, depression and PMT.


Nutritional supplementation with magnesium may be beneficial in supporting normal health and function in anyone with magnesium deficiency, for athletes, those in stressful situations, those consuming even moderately high amounts of sugar and refined foods, and those suffering from alcoholism or diabetes.