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Tender Protection

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Tender Protection Skincare Pack

Tender Protection Skincare Pack is designed for taking the extra care for your skin. The pack contains Miracle Thermal Mud Facial Mask 200g tube, Lanoline Manuka Honey Cleansing Milk 125ml and Lanoline Moisturising Cream 100g.

Miracle Thermal Mud Facial Mask 200g

Miracle Thermal mud facial mask is a natural white, mineral rich thermal mud unique to the thermal regions of New Zealand. The oil-absorbing and deep pore cleansing properties of this White Thermal Mud make it one of the nature's most efficient "sponges". The mask stimulates and revitalises skin, improves faded and dull skin tones, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh.

Lanoline Manuka Honey Cleansing Milk 125ml

Manuka Honey Clear-Skin Cleansing Milk is a blend of natural foaming agents that lift make-up, excess oil and environmental toxins from your skin.

Natural surfactants clean and tighten the pores, while our unique blend of Colostrum Extract acts as an antioxidant restoring the moisture balance that is conducive to healthy skin. Botanical extract and Manuka honey firms, tones and helps maintain healthy skin tissue.

Lanoline Moisturising Cream 100g

Moisturising Cream is uniquely New Zealand. Our South Pacific Islands capture this natural eco-system that produces nature’s best - clear, clean snow caped mountains, green lush native forest & flora and fresh spring water, along with abundance of natural ingredients and minerals.

Moisturising Cream captures the best that nature can provide, N.M.F’s - Natural Moisturising Factors.

The perfect skin health is based on N.M.F’s and gives simplicity, purity and vitality to this unique skin care range. Each product contains unique blends of natural & botanical ingredients. A selection of pure essential oils and natural active concentrates including phytonutrients combined with 100% PURE New Zealand Extracts, create products that work in harmony to your natural skin balance and restores vitality and radiance.
Moisturising Cream with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Collagen
Moisturising Cream has a high concentrated source of lanolin. This cream will provide you with an effective means of nourishing dry chapped skin. Used regularly, it prevents the loss of natural moisture, eases away dryness and will leave your skin soft and smooth.