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Virgin Coconut Oil Certified Organic 500ml

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Virgin Coconut Oil Certified Organic at Natural Zealand

Virgin Coconut Oil is a versatile Sri Lankan superfood. Renowned for its smooth flavour, this premium, cold pressed coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E, minerals, healthy fatty acids and dietary fibre, nourishing the body inside and out. It supports cardiovascular and bone health, immune function, weight management, gastrointestinal health, and thyroid function. BioBalance Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is a deep moisturiser, effective for treating skin conditions in humans and animals, and is ideal for oral health. It is ethically sourced, non-GMO, and is not bleached, deodorised, hydrogenated or refined.

Key Benefits

  • Supports a healthy heart and strong bones
  • Very high in lauric acid (50.6%) for immune support
  • Supports gastrointestinal health and microbial balance
  • Superior, smooth flavour ideal for food preparation and skin care
  • Supports stable blood sugar levels, healthy metabolism and weight management
  • Packed in glass to maintain purity and exceptional quality


100% Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 20g
Cold pressed & unrefined
Not bleached, deodorised or hydrogenated

Always read the label and use as directed.
Store  in a dry place.

If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. Information provided is of a general nature and should not replace that of your healthcare professional.